AP Biology Personal Statement

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We never underestimate the power of an itsy-bitsy atom, which contrives the mysterious, gigantic universe. The analogously minuscule cell is regarded true biological atom, which institutes many intricate systems of our complex human body and its creation, my inheritance genes provoked my inquisitive mind to dive into the understanding of the complexity of our organs. Up to elementary school, my cumulative treasure of science pertained only theories. My hands-on practical started during 7th grade, I dissected a cow eyeball to learn its anatomical structures. Next dissection was a frog, first time in my life I saw internal organs by naked eyes, and to see the circulatory system I dissected an Earth worm. Unlike our cardiac chambers earth worm circulate blood through vessels, which inspired so deeply that I started thinking to make my career in the…show more content…
The exciting lab experiment was to glow bacteria, in which I used P Glow Plasmid protein and changed its gene which transformed bacteria to glow bacteria. Upmost my pleasure arrived when I dissected Pig's brain in the AP Biology lab. Its anatomical structures fascinated such a way that my pursuit of a medical career becomes my passion. The dissection of a strawberry strand to observe the DNA assured that motivation is leading me towards my destination. In fact, inquisitive mind force my physical body to find out opportunities to acquire the insight of my passion. I signed up and attended the Cardiac Camp at Unicare Heart Institute & Research Center, where I shadowed cardiac invasive procedures: The Coronary, Carotid, Renal, and peripheral Angiographies, Angioplasty, stenting, and implantation of a cardiac pacemaker. It is the motivation which morally supported to organize a free medical camp in India right after completion of my cardiac
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