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It is seven o’clock in the morning, school hasn’t even started, but AP Chemistry has. As the teacher explains the lab in the front of classroom, the perfect combination of math and restless nights takes its toll on the rows of students. Slowly, heads go down and phones come out. As the attention of the other students wanes, my fascination grows. I begin wondering, “Why do polyphenolic beta-dicarbonyls found in turmeric, seem to offer medicinal advantages in treating cancer and Alzheimer 's disease?” I enjoy science, because there is always more to discover and invent. Since I was a small child, I have possessed a deep desire for learning more about science, even begging my father to teach me Ohm’s Law when I was five. Curiosity drives me to…show more content…
My interest in science has forced me to enroll in AP Chemistry and AP Calculus to supplement my scientific endeavors. I believe my high level of proficiency in both classes, will enable me to assist others achieve their desired level of achievement at Governor’s Honors Program. My involvement in the field of engineering through Robotics and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair will also assist me in providing practical applications for science at Governor’s Honor Program. My avid desire to share knowledge in technological integration will accelerate the performance of the Governor’s Honors Program…show more content…
Throughout my life, opportunities to further my studies in science have been limited for me. All throughout my school career, I have been in science classes that haven’t challenged me to my full potential. Programs outside of school that are challenging are unaffordable. I feel I should be selected for GHP because of my high achievement and desire to learn more in the subject of mathematics. My performance inside and outside of the classroom supports this belief. My high achievement in extracurricular activities and the variety of courses I take in this field further prove that I should be selected. I don’t just learn science, but I think science, continually questioning the concepts behind

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