AP Class Reflection Paper

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College is a point in your life that no one can prepare you for, it is just a portion of life that you have to experience for yourself. In my college career, I believed that English was the subject that I did not need to worry about because of my advanced background of English and even taking two AP classes and subsequent test for the subject. Unfortunately, when attending college you realized there are people who have the same background as you and some even better, but what tends to be the difference is the writing of each student. Writing is not something that can be learned in the same context in teaching an AP class and this was the first lesson I learned in my first-year composition. The name itself, F2F (Face-to-Face) Studio stood out on my schedule, but I did not think anything of it because it qualified as English and that was fine with me. But as soon as I sat down for this class I immediately knew this was not a general English class. When Mark and David both walked into the classroom there were murmurs about which one was the teacher. In my mind I thought, it is never a good sign to have two teachers in a classroom. In the history of my schooling, it shows that the class is not capable of…show more content…
Using peer feedback is nothing new to a student and it would seem like a law in English. In F2F Studio, what makes it different is that the peer review is almost an assignment within itself, merely skimming an essay and only stating the “good” parts is no longer successful is an essay revision. Standard peer review in F2F requires not only to give constructive feedback but to read deeper and help your classmate right explicitly what you know they are trying to say. It is a visually new technique that makes students go much further than annotation within the text. Writing had become a culture within the class and made it more complex than what one would ever think it would
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