AP Language Class Reflection

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Over the course of this class I have greatly improved my writing skills. Although I have kept my grade at a 95% for each paper, it is evident that I am a different type of writer from when I wrote my first paper in this class. By improving on quote integration, correct grammar, and strong thesis', I have been able to become a more skilled and better all around writer. It is especially clear to see the improvement in my spelling and grammar. On the first paper I made 6 mistakes, the second paper 4, and the final paper none. The constant decrease in mistakes comes from, learning to challenging myself to reread my paper numerous times until I feel that it is as perfect as I can make it. The grading deduction for every grammar and spelling error really pushed me to make sure that I hadn't left any mistakes in my paper. I also have gotten into the habit of having my peers and my parents read my paper, following the peer evaluation. I like to hear as many peoples' opinions as I can before I turn in my paper. I know this will be a very beneficial habit in college.
I believe my biggest weakness is strong diction. It would benefit me to learn more
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After finishing my AP language class last year, I was brain numb to writing essays. After taking this class, I've rediscovered my love for writing. I felt that in the past, I would simply write papers just to get them finished and didn't take much pride in them. Since I am not writing a paper every week, when we do write papers, I feel like I can take my time on them to make sure what I am saying is coming off exactly the way I want my readers to see it. This skill is helping my develop my own style of writing which is something I constantly strive to be better at. Since I take more pride in my writing ability it allows me to challenge myself and push my skill set. When we are given time to write a paper, I have began to write many drafts until I finally finish the perfect
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