AP Language Reflection Essay

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AP Language and Composition in my ears sounds terrifying knowing that English is not a strong subject of mine. I have never been one to enjoy reading, but I always thought I was a satisfactory writer because I was receiving A’s and positive feedback. This made it a no brainer to take Honors English 10. It went well for a while, but then I was hit with my first D, and I did not understand why. I was angry and upset. I struggled in class, but was in denial that it I could find help to improve. So I decided AP Lang was not for me, and I took English 11. Let me tell you, it was not one of my best decisions. The assignments were very easy, I always got an A, and my work was always kept as an example. I put no effort into anything I did, wrote all my papers the night before, and yet still passed with flying colors. This urged me to think again about AP Lang. I made a quick and…show more content…
This has always been hard for me by cause of being one to do work the way I think it should be done. I have a habit of writing to please my own ears. Mrs. Kopmeier explained once that just because someone does their artwork the way they like it to look, it does not always mean that it is the best it can be. Trying new things, and accepting criticism will change my work for the better. There will most likely be times where I complain and get upset, but I am willing to work through it. In conclusion, the most significant concept I want to improve is putting all my thoughts together and organized into a well written paper. I also commit to putting a larger effort into accepting my mistakes and fixing them. I know this class will prepare me for the future for the reason that my struggle with communicating in writing is not something I can avoid. It is a skill that I will need everyday, through college, through a career, and throughout my whole
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