AP Psychology Personal Statement

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At 16 years old, I had no clue as to what career I would be heading into in the future and I was starting to get a bit worried. I was going to enter my junior year of high school and I needed to enter an alternative course on my course selection sheet, in case the AP Psychology would not have any room for me. I randomly selected Marketing Essentials, confidently thinking that I would definitely be in AP Psychology next year. Little did I know, AP Psychology was full of students and I ended up having Marketing Essentials on my schedule, a topic that I had no knowledge of. Each day I attended my Marketing class, I grew very fond of the subject of Business. After the first week of school, I knew what career I would be heading in. My goal would be to move back to New York and be a resilient businesswoman. My interest in Business grew, day by day. I found myself reading articles on “Business Daily”, in my free time. Other peers my age would receive updates on their phone from Instagram, Facebook, and other social media apps,…show more content…
My love for children drove me to complete Early Childhood courses 1-4 and earn my Child Development Associate (CDA) in high school. My Early Childhood teacher says that I am very talented when working with young children. The way I see it, children are the world’s future leaders and I’m very honored to be the one guide them through their preschool years. With my CDA, I am able to get a job as a Preschool teacher anywhere in the U.S. Although Early Childhood has an immense significance in my life, I would not want to pursue a career in this field. My CDA will surely help me in getting as a part time job in a preschool during high school, and it will assist me in standing out next to others when applying for a job. After all, mixing with preschoolers and a diverse set of people will vastly help me in the corporate
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