AP Psychology Reflection Paper

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As I entered high school and grew up the world began to change as I encountered the topics of suicide, eating disorders, mental disease and substance abuse on a daily bases. All words I heard before now became my reality I watched my friends starve themselves to shed a couple pounds, my cousin killing himself along, discovered my uncle was an alcoholic and my brother and friends were suicidal. Just last year three kids committed suicide at my school, and many I saw the true colors of multiple family members being succumbed to alcohol abuse. As I never experienced any feeling of depression or need to impress others and have lived a genuinely happy life I was puzzled and began to question why the people in my life thought the way they did and it got me truly intrigued by the psychological world.…show more content…
In hopes of understanding their reasoning I signed up for AP psychology at school and it has been a truly wonderful experience, each topic is so fascinating and I wish I could go in more depth on each topic as we have to move quite quickly. The subject holds such a variety of topics all which open many doors for me to get in the heads of those I love and understand their reasoning for their actions and thoughts. This has led me to want to major in psychology so I can further my knowledge and gain more tools to help those I love and others. As in my head being happy is easy and life makes sense, and but in others minds it’s a trap they want to escape and happiness seems out of reach. So I hope to find solutions and spread my happiness in the small things but also say its okay to be sad because that’s what makes us human. Our minds are all different and it gives us diversity and brings color to the world and that is what truly d=fascinates me and I hope to be further amazed as I go to
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