AP Seminar Reflection

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Taking AP Seminar in 10th grade was the risk that I took which changed the way I view myself and it eventually became my stepping stone toward my goal of becoming successful. I did not take AP Seminar because I loved the subject, or because I wanted to further challenge myself, I took it just to make my former 9th grade English teacher happy. I was an easygoing, anxious, and shy fellow in 9th grade. I was the type of person who wanted to have an easygoing life and face as few hardship in high school as possible. Back then, I thought I would be like my older brother who went to work after graduating and helped my family. Then my 9th grade English teacher encouraged me to take an AP course in 10th grade that required good skills in English,but…show more content…
I stayed in the class and started paying attention and learning. I stayed even though every day that I went in that class I felt really intimidated and anxious. I guess I wanted to prove to myself that probably I could do better than my older brother. I guess I did not want to disappoint my 9th grade teacher who did not give up on me. I guess I did not want to disappoint myself because I know I can do it. I am just not that quite confident. I guess I wanted to have a better goal in life and be able to aim and accomplish a bigger dream rather than working for low wage paying job like my older brother. This then became my motivation to do better and work harder in class. I work harder than the rest of my classmates due to my limitations with my English. When everyone else in the class is chatting or on their phones, I am reading articles and learning new words.

When I unexpectedly received an A in this AP class, it gave me the confidence to believe that I can actually do anything if I just put my mind into it. This motivated me to do more and accept more challenges causing me to take more AP classes to further prove myself. I am not doing this to please my 9th grade English teacher or other people. I am working this hard because I want to prove to myself that I can accomplish anything
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