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Study 1 Teacher shows different pictures describing the actions that are happening right now. Teacher elicits the sentences of present continuous from the students, writes down the sentences on the whiteboard. Teacher elicits the form of the present continuous. Answers must focus on aux. verb ‘be’ + verb ‘ing’. Teacher highlights the structure of the present continuous and presents several examples. Teacher elicits what the people are doing right now from the students. E.g. He’s feeding the birds. She’s walking to school. She’s playing Taekwondo. Study 2 Teacher mimes the various actions that are happening right now and elicits what the teacher is doing(the actions that are happening right now). Before this activity, teacher should present…show more content…
If a student produces a sing word (e.g. exercise), teacher changes the single word into the sentence (e.g. I’m exercising.) and write it on the whiteboard. Teacher elicits the Study 3 Teacher gives worksheets and makes the students write the sentences about the pictures using present continuous (pair work).Teacher also presents the example sentence on the board. The example sentence is “ She’s getting up in the morning. “ e.g. The picture describing the woman getting up in the morning ( get up) The answer would be “She’s getting up in the morning” e.g. The picture describing of people exercising(exercise) The answer will be “They are exercising in a gym.” Teacher checks the answers and provides feedback. Study 4 If there were repeated mistakes mentioned by teacher, Teacher gives feedback and drill. Activate 1 Teacher shows the video clips of Korean traditional rhymes about the Black Fox doing some actions at the time of speaking. Teacher provides example rhymes that teacher has written to the students. Students create their own rhymes and These rhymes should contain the present continuous sentences describing the actions that are happening now. Activate 2

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