APA Reflective Report

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During my first semester at Xavier University, I attained a 3.25 G.P.A. I know that a 3.25 G.P.A is a poor performance for a prospective law student and I must, therefore, explain it. I can assure the admissions committee that my first-semester G.P.A does not represent my potential to succeed in Law. Upon arriving at Xavier University, the reality that I was alone in a new environment dawned on me. I soon realized that I had to adjust to a new system of doing things including, American weather, culture, food, and American education. In addition, I experienced racial discrimination for the first time. Adjusting to these things was a very difficult for me and this impacted my grade. I take full responsibility for this G.P.A because even though adjusting was difficult, it was my responsibility to seek helpful resources at Xavier, which I failed to do.…show more content…
During the second semester, through faith in God, and my determination to succeed, I worked hard to bring my increase my G.P.A and took advantage of the resources provided by Xavier, including, the writing center, tutors, and office hours, which helped me perform better and at the end of the semester, I received a 3.7 G.PA . I have maintained a high G.P.A since that day and even received a 4.0 in the previous multiple semesters. In addition, I made it my mission to retake some of the courses that I performed poorly in and earned an A grade in all of them.
I have earned mostly A’s and some B’s in my college years, multiple dean’s list recognition, academic honors, and a cumulative 3.745/4.000 G.P.A. This not only shows my growth as a student but also shows my potential to succeed in Law
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