ASL Event Analysis

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Going to the ASL event I was completely nervous and shocked that I was really about to talk to someone using sign language. This was simply mind boggling to me at the time. Once I was in the event I noticed that everyone were connected. It was simply magical to see how people connect because of being deaf. Never did I realized how powerful a language can bring people together. It was truly an honor to experience this with an amazing community. I’ve never been to the Long Beach Convention Center. It is an amazing structure that clearly took time and dedication to build. Once I was inside the evet, everyone were signing. I notice that everyone sign differently and express themselves differently as well. The event had plenty of booths were you…show more content…
I asked Henry, “Why were you angry?” He said that he was angry because he didn’t understand. He wanted to be normal because everyone around him was normal. He said, “How would you feel if everyone around you were laughing and having a good time because someone was singing. My father is a singer and sadly I will never hear him sing.” At this time Henry got emotional, you can tell that he wanted to cry but didn’t drop any tears. I was shocked and felt emotional as well. Luckily, Henry just laughed it off and said “this is how I felt when I was younger, I see the world differently now. I asked him, “How do you see the world now?” He told me that he understands that he is different. He doesn’t see being deaf as a disorder but more of a gift. He said, “I know the world is full of sound but I am glad I can’t hear because my world is peaceful. At this point he had to leave. I thank him for his time and then he told me, “thank you for hearing me out.” We both laugh and departed.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend this event. I realize that the deaf culture is beautiful and the people are amazingly kind. However, I also realize that I need to practice a lot more. Everyone sees the world differently no matter what ethnicity and disability we might have. When I practice ASL I realize that this is not only a language but I also view is as art. The way a person expresses themselves by hand movement is
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