ASPCA Short Stories

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“Thank you for lunch and your kindness. I am looking forward to joining your club and invite you to join the ASPCA,” Betty said before she noticed Louise was daydreaming. “Louise, are you with us?” Betty cleared her throat and asked while trying to get her attention. “Louise, I’m talking to you.” When Louise realized, Betty was speaking to her, she said, “I’m sorry I was just wondering how to help the poor animals,” she said placing her hand over her mouth as if she cared. “That’s so sweet, you want to help the animals. One of the ladies mentioned you are the best fundraiser in the state and have raised more money than all the past club presidents have. I could use your help with my ASPCA’s fundraisers.” “It would be my honor to help in…show more content…
“I need to take care of my son. He has been very patient,” Betty said as she gritted her teeth and glanced toward Benjamin still sitting in the chair. “We’ll talk about it later! You can call me.” “You can call me anytime,” Louise replied with sarcasm as she turned around and said goodbye to the other members as they walked out the door without acknowledging her. Aggravated Louise picked up her purse and rushed toward the exit. “Excuse me, may I talk to you?” As Louise walked out the door Joann asked. aid as she walked out the door with Louise. “Sure, why do you want to talk?” |”Do you think there’s a ghost on Putney Mountain. Those miners died years ago.” “Knowing she had to meet Mike and go the courthouse, she didn’t want to take the time to talk, but, it impressed her that Joann would ask her opinion about the mountain. “Do you have time now or perhaps I could come by your home?” “Now come on, you know there’s nothing going on around here, except in the minds of weak people. Here’s my number, if you wish, give me a call.” Handing her a card, Louise apologized that she had to leave. Driving to her husband’s office Louise dreaded the sermon she would hear on the way to the
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