ASPCA: The Fight To Stop Animal Abuse

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Every ten seconds an animal is abused or neglected by its owner. This shows a massive problem in our society. Supporting the ASPCA is a worthy endeavor due to its valiant goal. They are a main contender in fighting animal abuse and neglect and they give homes to animals in need. We need to change and they can help in getting us to that point. The ASPCA plays a very important part in animal rescue and the fight against animal abuse. They rescue and nurse animals that have been injured or abused back to health. Without this organization many animals, be it cats, dogs, or pets of any other kinds, would go unhelped and be forced to go through the pain of abuse and the feeling of being unloved. This charity also helps and supports animals that, in standard conditions, would be ignored and hurt by the owners. The role the ASPCA plays in this fight is a very important step towards giving all animals a chance at life and happiness. Through the work that they do, animals get another opportunity to be adopted into a loving family and live a peaceful and contented life. This helps not only by giving the animals this opportunity, but it…show more content…
Charities such as, Last Chance for Animals and The Humane Society of the United States. While these charities have similar goals, eliminating animal abuse and neglect, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, does a better job of achieving this. While they could spend their money a fair bit better, they are consistently raising tens of millions of dollars each year to help towards this cause. This charity is one of the most recognized animal charities in the United States and this helps them even more in achieving their goals. Also, unlike a charity such as Last Chance for Animals, who focuses on preventing animal experimentation and the use of animals for food and clothing, the ASPCA concentrates on stopping abuse and neglect of animals in the average

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