ASPD Vs Psychopathy

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The most extreme difference between ASPD and psychopathy is that people with ASPD are indeed antisocial, they are bad at communication, while psychopaths are able to manipulate and charm people they talk to, even if it is just a superficial charm, they are still able to deceive the people that they talk to (Pardini, & Loeber, 2007). “Cleckley believed that the psychopath hides his or her lack of empathy and moral constraint behind a mask of normal function and seemingly appropriate behavior”(Schouten, & Silver, 2012, p. 31). “Psychopaths were also found to commit more institutional infractions while incarcerated and were more likely to violently recidivate once released” (Pardini, & Loeber, 2007). This can also serve as a separate way of diagnosing
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