AVID Induction Ceremony

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In your lifetime you can experience, watch, and even help with a ceremony. Ceremonies are formal occurrences for religious and public occasions; usually to focus on one specific thing. There 's basically a ceremony for about everything. Ranging from a Christian baptism to an AVID induction ceremony. There 's a huge difference in experiencing, watching, and helping in a ceremony. For example: My AVID induction ceremony, being an AVID student I would either have to be in the ceremony or help. If I were a new AVID student I would be being inducted into the ceremony which is such a weird thing because of the feeling of everyone watching you and everything is focused on you. Helping is the easy part, where you help pour drinks, hand out flyers, hold the door open, and basically making sure the ceremony is being ran well. Watching a ceremony is pretty much like watching TV. The role of a person who watches a…show more content…
Ceremonies are a worldwide event, and are used for about everything. There 's weddings, funeral, Catholic confirmation, and birthdays are all examples of common ceremonies. Notice how each of them are celebrating one specific thing/person. During a ceremony it could be a celebration, a promotion, or a goodbye. A celebration is used for commemorating your accomplishments in a specific topic. I.e. Baptisms and Catholic confirmations. A promotional ceremony is for introducing things like a coming of age ceremony. For example: a Quinceanera is a great example because it 's a cultural promotion for Spanish girls who are turning 15. A goodbye ceremony might be the hardest because unfortunately it’s nothing but a ceremony to say goodbye to those who are no longer with us. For example: Day of the Dead is an event held on the Thirty First of October (our Halloween) , where people of the Spanish culture honors the dead. In different parts of the world ceremonies are celebrated for different reasons and purposes, but every ceremony usually ends with smiles and

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