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The AVID program has had a positive impact in my academics, and in my life by helping me focus, enrich, and solidify my goals. I can say with full confidence that AVID has become an integral part of my High School year that equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in college.
As an immigrant who came to the United States five years ago and English being my third language, the AVID program challenged me to think critically and strive to learn more. Personality wise, there are major changes that I observed once I joined the program. For instance, I was shy and very quiet in class, however after joining AVID, I became very active and was able to work happily with classmates. I developed self-confidence, improved my communication
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As far as choosing schools is concerned, I do extensive research to see which school fulfills my qualifications. The questions I ask is, does the school of choice have an academic fit to my intended major? Is the school affordable? Does the school offer scholarship? and finally the location of the institution, I have chosen Colorado State University at Fort Collins, University of Northern Colorado and University of Colorado Denver as my top choices because of their reputations, the major they offer, and the beautiful environment. I have visited all three campuses and attended a class there when walking around the campuses it made me imagine myself going to those school because of the environment and the majors they are known for. Above all, when I search deep inside, the campuses are top diverse schools. The size of the campuses are also where I want it to be, not too small or not to big. The location of the campus is one thing I consider when I choose one of this college as my top choice because it is convenient school where I am able to go to my parent’s house because I want to make sure that I can come to my family once a week. Even though living on campus is a requirement for me, it is an hour and a half drive from my mother house. This experience will help me learn in dependency and learning the life without my parent. Also they have a nursing major that will prepare me for my profession which is to go back to Ethiopia and give back to my community. I place so much value in education and at one of this University I want to earn my Bachelor’s degree in
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