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Aaliyah Mcrae some may think she’s just another student at Manchester Regional High School and although she is a student,there is a lot more to her than you think. She has been a four year varsity basketball player. Some may ask, How is she’s so good? Was she born that talented? No it did not come that easily, in the beginning she didn’t even know she wanted to play basketball.
When she was just a little girl, her parents got her into gymnastics and cheerleading and for a while she did only that and nothing else. She started getting older and started thinking more for herself and getting her own ideas of what she really wanted to do. At the age of 11 she decided she wanted to change up her life and try something new. This one day her dad was
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Just because she made the team didn’t mean she could just stop working hard,it meant she had to work harder. This meant not just working harder on the court, but in school too. As many may know to be eligible to play a sport in Manchester you must keep a certain grade point average,so in order for Aaliyah to do what she loved she had to still be a good student. As Aaliyah put it, “ Basketball keeps me on track,it helps me keep my grades, which leads me to keep working on all my goals for the future.” For Aaliyah basketball isn’t just a sport, it’s almost a motivator to keep her doing good in school. It helps her realize what she does now will affect her future. Speaking of her future, Aaliyah wishes to go “all in” in her career in basketball. She hopes one day she can go play overseas or even make it in the WNBA. She knows it all starts with college and is already working on getting recruits for the near future. As long as she works hard from now on and doesn’t give up she has a good chance of making her dreams come true. From the dedication it seems she has,I see basketball being a career for a very long time for her. If it all works out one day most of the world will know the name, Aaliyah

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