Aaron Burr Feud Research Paper

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Would there be more citizens going to the voting poles if politicians duel for office positions? We might never know since this practice is band and illegal. Fortunately today our political figures duel through debates and measure their victory through private poles and social media. During debates political figures remind voters of their remarkable career and utilize the press to publicize the wrong doings of their rivals and how they will make America better. Because of their ambition to serve America a deadly feud arose between two prominent political figures. In order to understand why and how the feud took place between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr we must walk behind the footsteps of each man before they pulled the trigger on July…show more content…
The assistant of both duelers proceeded to make their arrangements. The full ten paces were measures and decide who will give the word and what position the duelers will have. This authority was delegated to Hamilton’s assistant. The pistols were loaded and the duelers assumed their position. Hamilton’s assistant explained the dueling rules, “The parties being placed at their stations, the second who gives the word shall ask them whether they are ready; being answered in the affirmative, he shall say- present! After this the parties shall present and fire when they please. If one fires before the other, the opposite second shall say one, two, three, fire, and he shall then fire or lose his fire.” (Duel At Dawn, 1804). In this fashion both individuals resolved their differences by firing at each other with ten paces away with a pistol. Unfortunately it did not have the outcome Aaron Burr was looking for. According to eyewitness.com Hamilton was left mortally wounded who succumbed to wound the next day and Burr wanted for murder (Duel at Dawn 1804. Para. 6) Although he came out a victorious, Aaron Burr’s political status and career will not have the same fate. Political feuds in the United States
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