Write An Essay On Aaron Burr

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When describing a man that served as a continental officer in the Revolutionary War, succeeded in his career as a lawyer, ran for president, commited murder, and formulated a plan to Annex land from the United States Government, the word motivated has to come to mind (Verell). This is the case with revolutionary politician Aaron Burr, who accomplished all these feats and more in the span of his lifetime. Although areas of his career are surrounded in controversy, it is hard to deny that Burr was driven get things accomplished, whether they be legal, moral, or anything in between. It takes a lot of drive motivation to get as much done as Burr did, and he drew this from many sources. The people Aaron Burr interacted with fueled him with motivation, and his hunger to be an important figure in government and history added to his desire to achieve his ideals, which resulted in an impressive list of accomplishments. America was going through a large amount of transitions and changes in the country during the Revolutionary period . Not only was it fighting for its freedom and Independence from Britain, it was also working and delving into its own form of government, which was not an easy process. With such large scale and important events happening, it took a lot of people to communicate and take action together. One of these men at the epicenter of the nation was Aaron Burr, surrounded by individuals to work with and off of to achieve what he desired. One such individual was
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