Aaron Ingleby Case Study

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Mid-cycle Review for Officer Aaron Ingleby
Officer Aaron Ingleby adjudicates most I Form and N Form types adjudications. He assists at the Info Counter for customer inquiries. He helps with naturalization ceremonies and ASC duties as needed. He is very flexible for changes in schedule as needed.
Core Competencies
Communication: Officer Ingleby is a soft spoken individual that puts our clients at ease during his interactions with the public. He prepares written correspondences that are clear and have minimum errors. He pays attention to detail to ensure the correct addresses and important dates are correct. His tone is not aggressive in his denials.
Customer Service: Officer Ingleby deals with the public both at the Information counter during
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Of the 16 case reviewed, only 2 had errors. One derivative CR case did not have information about the principal alien; however, Officer Ingleby interviewed both together, so he knew that the CR6 was approved before the CR7. The other noted error was with a Refugee case admission date was not properly backdated with ICMS processing. These types of errors can have a far reaching effect if the proper admission data are not noted properly. Although one of his cases that was interviewed years ago, the applicant filed for naturalization too soon based on the admission date that was noted during your interview. Along with the extended wait time with ELIS, the applicant was quite upset because she was attempting to apply for public assistance. We need to understand that our errors can have a big effect on the public that we serve. Attention to detail to the admission dates in ICMS needs to be correct.
Officer Ingleby provides good customer service when dealing directly or indirectly with the public. He takes timely action on his cases. There have been only a few incidents of casework over the 30 day benchmark. He is proactive in ensuring the oldest cases are adjudicated within district

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