Aaron Stowe Character Analysis

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Aaron Stowe tried to restore his country and people to their former glory, Aengus searched for a glimmering girl whom he wished to be his companion forever, and Sam McGee wished to be cremated to abscond the cold in the wintry Klondike that he fears more than death. Do these people have much in common in terms of their lives? No, but they all three have one mission; to complete deeds to appease themselves and/or others. Aaron Stowe had a mission to restore his country back to its former glory. “(Aaron) He’d make Quill better than Artime,” (McMann 47) Aaron, an ambitious student seeks to restore his country and jump over obstacles such as being kicked out of his country’s university due to tricking the leader to do wage war on his brother’s realm, whose country goes exactly against their ideals such as having imagination, independence, and individuality . Shortly after, he restores Quill back to its commonplace but has become a power seeking, vengeful, baleful tyrant. “And revenge was necessary now,” (McMann 49). He got so caught up in getting what he wanted and became someone who would push others down in the process, and a person that had extreme paranoia. Before, Aaron was a…show more content…
“I will find out where she has gone,” Aengus has created his goal in life; to find the girl. He spends the rest of his life searching for this mysterious girl so he can be her companion for the rest of their lives.”Though I am old with wandering Through hollow lands and hilly lands,” He became a nomad to try and achieve his goal to have the girl as a companion to appease himself. He didn’t get what he wanted, but he has had the experience of a lifetime. “And faded through the brightening air,”. The girl has gone, but he still had a goal to make himself
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