Ab 1124 Political Analysis

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Major Political Actors Bill AB 1124 was approved by Governor Jerry Brown on 6th October 2015. The bill stipulates that the administrative director should create a drug formulary before 1st July 2017 to be in the medical treatment schedule regarding medications prescribed to workers in the compensation system (Perea 2016). The important bill was introduced by democrat Henry Perea with the goal of preventing the overutilization of numerous drugs and opioids. Also, the bill aimed at saving taxpayer’s money for other important ventures while still meeting worker’s requirements for medication within the system. Henry Perea’s decision to sponsor the bill was informed by a study that revealed the numerous savings states like Washington and Texas were making by adopting formularies. It estimated that Californians could save over one hundred and twenty four million dollars every year just through adoption of the formulary.…show more content…
The organization highlights problems in the administrative system, assists in developing solutions, and examines impacts of some proposals. CWCI also lobbies through regulatory and legislative testimony. The CWCI estimate that great savings could arise through the adoption of the formulary by California. The WCRI (Worker’s Compensation Research Institute) is a non-profit and independent research organization that provides information regarding public policy issues regarding workers and compensation systems. The main beneficiaries of the institution are public officials, insurers, employers, injured workers, and other stakeholders across the United States. WCRI estimates that the state of California could reduce its spending on prescription drugs by 14% through the adoption of a formulary similar to that of
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