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We 're finally nearing bikini season! To help you get into shape and lose that winter weight, here are ten great summer diet tips sure to shed pounds. 1. 1. WebMD recommends eating brightly-colored, seasonal fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and berries, which are high in healthy vitamins and fiber, and low in calories. Try berries and granola as a great start to your day, and roasted peppers as a tasty side-dish for dinner! If fresh vegetables aren 't available, canned and preserved vegetables have the same health benefits in a longer-lasting form! 2. 2. Drink plenty of water! Studies have shown that drinking just 17 ounces of water increased the metabolism of both men and women by about 30% after only ten minutes. Drinking a glass…show more content…
If you answered yes then the Right diet for you would be the Abs Diet. This diet not only allows you to eat plenty of food, but will give you that sexy, toner, and slimmer belly you have always dreamed of. What is the Abs Diet? Basically this diet is a 6 week diet plan that allows you to eat 6 times a day without starving your body and keeping your metabolism revved up. Now even though the Abs Diet allows you to eat 6 times a day you need to do a little bit of exercise in order to tighten up that belly. On the Abs Diet they allow you to eat power foods. These certain power foods will help convert that bulging fat into muscle, which will allow you to have that beautiful tone tummy. What is the power foods allowed to have on the Abs Diet? One you may have Almonds or any nut of choice with the skin on. Then your legumes power foods are peas, lentils, Black beans, Chickpeas, Edamame, Lima beans, Soy nuts, roasted soybeans, Kidney beans, Tofu, dry popcorn, Brown rice, Rye bread, and whole wheat bread are all very high in protein. Now the third power food will be the Green foods you may have, which could be Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Asparagus, Artichoke, Green pepper, and Lettuce. Your fourth power food will include your Dairy. Now with the dairy you may have yogurt, low-fat or skin milk, cottage cheese, and regular cheese, but small portions, because cheese is very…show more content…
Detoxing is a popular way to lose weight for the summer, but over the past years there has been so much contradiction about the safety of it. Detoxing doesn 't have to mean starvation. The Lemon Juice Diet, created by Theresa Cheung is a safe and delicious eating plan that helps detoxify your body from toxins. The detox diet is popular among celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Beyonce Knowles Toxins build up in a diet too high in sugar, salt, preservatives and saturated fats. It is essential to cut theses substances out of your diet. Eating fresh, organic foods made from scratch in your own kitchen will help you be sure what you 're putting in your body. Toxins can also enter the body through smoke and chemicals in the environment, but these factors are more difficult to control and eliminate. First, you should eat more, not less. In addition to lemon juice, the foods you eat should be rich in nutrients and preferably organic. These foods include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. These foods can improve your digestion, give your metabolism a boost and as well as help you lose weight. Without good digestion it is impossible to get the nutrients you need to lose weight. Lemon is high in vitamin C, calcium, pectin and quercetin, which are all weight loss boosters. First thing in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with juice of one squeezed lemon. Starting the day off with a glass of lemon juice with water helps stimulate
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