Case Study: New E-Commerce Site For Abacus Inc.: Project Communication Plan

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New E-commerce Site for Abacus Inc. Project Communication Plan Project Team: Cynthia Jing Wen Bita Asmita Nishma Vision: V 1.0 1 The project introduction The Abacus Inc., a software company with headquarters in Toronto, ON., is launching a new e-commerce site of the company, which will replace the existing e-commerce, in order to offer its products online. This project is time-sensitive but the budget is not a major issue. 2 Purpose of Communications Management Plan The purpose of this project communication management plan is to provide timely information about the project to all stakeholders to make sure the successful communication of the project. The Project Communications Management Plan of the New E-commerce Site for Abacus Inc.…show more content…
The first step, the project manager will meet all the stakeholders, and document their communication requirements. This is shown in the communication Matrix attached to this plan. The Communications Matrix will help to determine what information is necessary to communicate, who is to prepare the information, when the information will be distributed. The project will be using agile methodology. The decision to adopt agile methodology for this project is based on the high amount of changes in the requirement. The agile methodology is particularly suitable to provide features to the e-commerce project incremental steps. This will convince the client that the progressing successfully towards completion. Moreover, through team work and collaboration with the customer, value will be created with more certainty. The communication plan will cover daily stand-up meeting, iteration planning minutes, retrospective meeting minutes, customer change requests, test results, quality reports, and customer acceptance testing results. 4 Communications Management…show more content…
λ Meeting Agenda: Meeting Agenda will be distributed one week in advance of the meeting. λ Meeting Minutes: MOM will be distributed within 2 business days following the meeting. λ Action Items: includes both the action item along with the owner of the action item. λ Meeting Owner: is responsible for auditing the meeting agenda, facilitating the meeting and distributing MOM, and ensure that the meeting is held on time and good participation from attendants. λ Note Taker λ Time Keeper References A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Fifth ed. A. (n.d.). Communications Management Plan. Retrieved August 08, 2017, from Note: The structure of this communication plan has been adopted from it Project Communication Plan Template. (n.d.). Retrieved August 08, 2017, from

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