Abandon Research Paper

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Consider the following propositions, decide which one is most worthy of our serious attention, and explain why. Abandon the concept of delinquency but maintain a juvenile system for status offenders, children in need of supervision, and their ilk. Abandoning the concept of delinquency, while maintaining a system which continues to address status offenders and children in need of supervision seems to be the worthiest of the three propositions which requires our serious attention. Society often fails to grasp that fact that adolescenceres our serious attention in need of supervision seems to be the most worthy of the three scenarios presented.adolescence is the future of our society. While a percentage of teenagers commit heinous acts which require incarceration, the majority of offenders are arrested for misdemeanor offenses which can often be contributed to a multitude of issues, i.e.; a lack of understanding, limited resources, lack of education, and examples poor decision making within their homes and communities.…show more content…
Our society relies on millions of our citizens to become robust citizens both mentally and psychologically. While teenagers are expected to be obedient, they often commit acts which if they were adults would result in a felony. While these mistakes are inevitable, I feel abandoning the concept of delinquency but maintaining a system to address offenders is best. Considering the pros and cons from this point of view, it appears clear that abandoning the concept of delinquency among children rather than relying on traditional methods appears to be the most effective method which requires the most
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