Abandonment In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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According to the mother in the story, the circumstances that prevented her from taking care of her children as she would have liked are: lack of motherhood experience, low economic condition, abandonment by her husband, pressure of the job (only way of living), more than one child to take care of and different health issues like loss of appetite, asthma, red measles, recurring nightmares on Emily, numbers of migration, lack of knowledge and resources to encourage children for extra activities, lack of free time being occupied at all times with all the household works and jobs and last but not the least, depression and fear of war. Though some of her explanations were unavoidable and out of her control there were many circumstances that could have been…show more content…
She mentioned the lack of motherhood experience for her first child which ironically means every first child in the world has to suffer. Similarly she was careless on having her first child when she was not fully secured economically and matured enough. Also she and her husband didn’t give enough time to mature their relationship before having child because of which she was left alone to care for the baby. Above all this she keeps on giving birth to other four children after her second marriage because of which she missed the opportunity to provide enough love and attention to Emily. Instead of giving birth to second child if she had focused on first child she could have possibly prevented Emily from going through rough childhood and also could have replaced those absences on her early childhood. In conclusion, having number of babies without following the proper rules of birth spacing and at the early age of life were the biggest tragedies in her life and those were
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