Abbe Faria's Influence On Hamlet

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Characters that are not often mentioned in a plot have a strong impact on the story. Mentally or physically, death has an effect on the people around especially main protagonists. In the Count of Monte Cristo Abbe Faria and Louis Dantes were the male figures in Edmond’s life while their death had a large impact on his behavior and future. In Hamlet, the death of his father, King Hamlet, placed him in a situation which led to revenge. Each protagonist future’s changed as they both lose those who were close to them. King Hamlet when he was still alive and after death influenced Hamlet as his father.
The path of revenge that Hamlet followed was opened for him by the ghost of the King. They had a meeting with valuable information on how there was foul play involved with Uncle Claudius. Now knowing that
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Edmond meets Faria in prison when he tried to escape and ended up in Dantes’ cell. This is a rare human interaction during their time in jail. Their mentor to student relationship increases with each meeting. Abbe Faria passes down his knowledge to Edmond in examples like literature, history, and mathematics. During their time together, he reveals to Dantes to what was happening around him and the reason why he ends up in prison in the first place. Armed with this knowledge, Edmond has the urge to take action against the people that have wronged him. The Abbe soon dies and reveals the hidden treasure on the island of Monte Cristo that he planned on obtaining after his time in prison. Edmond uses this opprunity to escape and head for the island. Acquiring the treasure is the first step to Dantes’ plot to revenge. The “Plot Summary: The Count of Monte Cristo” by DISCovering authors explained that the reason why Edmond was able to take revenge on the right people was because of Abbe Faria. He was able to keep up with his knowledge while in prison with the help of his
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