Abbigale Summary

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1. Abbigale, the protagonist’s love interest, has faced deep emotional trauma in her short sixteen years of living. At a young age, Abbigale’s mother abandoned her and left her with her abusive, alcoholic father. The abuse not only comes from her father but her boyfriend in the beginning of the book, Seth. Abbigale was also raped, which led to a pregnancy and a miscarriage due to Seth pushing her down the stairs. Due to her abuse, Abbigale self harms and is extremely depressed. Throughout the book, Abbigale reveals her internal conflicts to James, the protagonist, and he helps her try to gain peace with her issues. 2. Seth plays a big role in developing the plot and the past of Abbigale. Seth is one of Abbigale 's past abusers and contributes a lot to her current mental health state. After Abbigale leaves Seth and begins dating James, Seth began planning to shoot up the school. He arrived to the school in all white clothing, to display and almost celebrate the blood of the 52 students and faculty members he ended up murdering. Seth is clearly insane and ended up in a mental hospital rather than a prison. 3.…show more content…
The main setting of the book takes place at Lakewood High School. This is crucial to the story because without it, there wouldn 't have been any story at all. The school is where James and Abbigale first met, which is what the story is mainly about. The concept of it being at a high school helps it appeal to a younger audience, despite the unique circumstances of James and Abbigale 's relationship. 4. To be completely honest, there are no symbols in this book. Stones to Abbigale is mainly about the toils of James and Abbigale 's relationship. The author barely uses any literary techniques and this novel is full of grammatical errors which could be accredited to the fact that this is Onision 's first
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