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2. Introduction Change is the key to success. There are many different types of change and different approaches to managing change. Change help to secure the future of a company so that they can remain competitive and continue to grow. Factors that are necessary for change to happen in an organization are identified into people, market, technology, communication and competition. Changes are initiated by the top management to accomplish the company’s goals and objectives base on the company’s core values, vision and mission. However, all change will succumb with resistance either from people who are in their comfort zone, or be it due to their security and economic conditions, or mainly because the fear of losing power, expertise, or even…show more content…
To have the best working environment II. To have products that is competitive III. To have excellent in services IV. To form a great commercial team 4.1 To have the best working environment This mainly to motivate and boost the morale of the staff, by giving people security and a comfortable workplace will minimize resistance from the people as people are the biggest asset of an organization. Having a good environment also means it give employees equal chance to grow as this motivates employees and expend their creativity and to take ownership and responsibilities. 4.2 To have products that is competitive To have the best product for current market needs is possible by forming a good team in the Research and Development (R&D) department, this department is crucial as all the product pipelines come from there. It is also possible to have meetings to discuss on future developments plans. In the past this department has not been developing anything new. Identify a leader within the team and start to think of what people would want in the future. This is the division that can turn the company around. It is also crucial to look out for new product from competitor to counter act with better products. 4.3 To have excellent…show more content…
Establishing Sense of Urgency – To step out of one comfort’s zone, one must understand why it must be done. Abbott Medical Optics believe that they are not going to be settling for what are they today but what are they going to achieve in the future. To move forward means to also move away from the old way of management to the modern way where ideas and creativity are meant to be explore, employees are to respect each other and is also where leaders are form, giving equal chance of grow to each and every one. This will boost the morale and motivation to the employees thus productivity goes up making more profit for the organization. This is also the first step towards being a competitive organization in the
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