Abby's Lies In The Crucible

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Abby does not want people thinking ill of her nor does she want to get in trouble so the obvious answer to her is to distract everyone and have them look away from her. While they are all focusing on a “lesser’ person they begin to forget about what she is being accused of. While blaming innocent people, she, herself, is being freed. Getting the help of others to be included in lies help fuel the doubt in others because there is an alibi. Talking to the troop girls that were at Dabney 2 the scene with her, Abby tells them “We danced and Tituba conjured Ruth Putnam's dead sisters. And that is all.” (Miller 175.) That way they all are on the same side and will not interfere with her lying. Abby piles lies upon lies in order to get as much doubt into the minds of others…show more content…
Even if one is not lying, the distrust in the speaker may effect if the truth is believed or not. John Proctor and his wife, like other couples, have a healthy marriage and go through complications like any other couple eventually goes through. The affair has made their home not so much of a home. Even though Elizabeth has said that she has moved on from it, it is obvious that she has not. While John is explaining to her that he and Abigail were only alone for a moment, and he just contradicted himself, she simply states “Do as you wish, then” (54.) That is her way is bluntly saying that she has lost all faith in him. Proctor, right after, replies “Woman. I’ll not have your suspicion any more” (Miller 55.) That is his way of saying that he can tell she has clearly not gotten over it and still mostly resents him for what he did. Proctor may not be the only one that is at fault, but he obviously should realize that lying to her even more, especially about what she already knows, is not a wise thing to do at all and will only make things far worse for him. When knowing the truth, there is a chance a lie may still be accepted. Abigail goes to
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