Abc Model Of Crisis Intervention

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The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention is a nursing method used to provide an immediate intervention to mentally and emotionally disturbed patients. It involves conducting a brief mental interview with an emotionally disturbed patient who is undergoing depression and emotional change. The patient who is subjected to the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention usually faces psychological stress leading to a decrease in their functional level. Such events that lead to psychological, emotional, mental and functional depression are referred to as precipitating events. The events in most case happen within a grace period of four weeks and leave the victim in a dilemma, disturbed with an unsettled mind on how to manage the situation. The ABC Model of…show more content…
Impairment in functioning The coping stage will help Jill get rid of all the emotional disturbance, depression and emotional change and then come back to normalcy and begin having functional decision-making skills. The first step in this phase of crisis intervention is to understand the coping strategies that Jill has been implementing as she struggles with her experience (Roberts, 2013). At this point, the actions of Jill such as her sexual responsiveness that make her fear the anger and displeasure that her husband will show should he find out about this will be looked upon carefully. It is from her that the issue that can be changed will be changed forthwith and those that cannot be changed will be left alone and Jill advice to find a way of coping with them and making them part of her life going forward (Kanel, 2015). Those that can be changed such as feeling unassertive, sits uneasily on the chair and grimace in pain when moving will be uncovered as a source of the distress that Jill is currently undergoing. The good coping instilled in the mind of Jill will help her take off her mind form the thought of her husband 2. Identifying and explaining any ethical…show more content…
It is important to take into consideration the fact that Jill is facing uncertainties, loss, and threat since she fears her husband will get mad at her if he finds out that she sort professional help. Most importantly is the fact that her sexual responsiveness may worsen the situation for her. Such concerns mean that there is a possibility that Jill may engage in acts of adult abuse. Additionally, her fear of her husband’s next move should he find out that she sorts consulting from a professional counselor points out to the concerns that she may end up causing some physical harm to him. It is also uncertain the next move that Jill would take should a scenario like this presents itself. Her husband safety and emotional concern must thus be of great concern when taking Jill through the ABC crisis intervention process (Roberts,

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