I Want To Success In Life Essay

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When a school girl came up to the stage and asked former Abdul Kalam, former Indian president, how to achieve greatness. In turn, he questioned the little girl whether she had a dream. In answering, she said that she wanted to become a teacher. “If you want to succeed in anything, first decided what you want to accomplish,” he said. The success, which is defined as an achievement of something desired, starts with a clear aim, which is the basic ingredient of achievement. Therefore, if we want to become successful in our life, we should visualize clearly about what we desire and work towards it relentlessly. The first step in success is to identify a clear target, which is the ultimate destination that you want to reach- to become a doctor, businessman or a politician. In the famous book Positive Thinking,…show more content…
Accomplishment is not something that you can realize overnight, and you need patient- just like a farmer who cultivates his land and waits until the crops bear fruit. Awaiting patiently and monitoring the progress, take corrective measures if you are moving in a wrong direction. Moreover, the time you need to reach your goals depends on the nature of what you want to accomplish. For example, farmers who grow paddy pluck their harvest in few months, and on the contrary, those who grow coconut wait many years. Therefore, you must develop patient, a quality of successful people. Another important quality that you must develop is the self-confidence, or confidence in yourself. The self-assurance gives you the energy you need to accomplish what you want, and on the other hand, lack of confidence discourages you in the face of adversities. You develop self- confidence when you believe in your skills and abilities. However, at times you will encounter people who will damage your confidence; therefore, avoid those people who have a negative outlook about the world. People who achieve greatness always believe in
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