Abdul Kane Monologue

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“I’m not sure what to say to that,” I admit. I decide to let this drop too.

“You amaze me, you know that. I wish more of the brothers had women like you.”

“You’re biased Kane. I bring drama here, we just don’t let it get out of control…okay, sometimes it does, but not the kind of drama that comes from mistrust and jealousy. Unless you include the time you thought I spent the night with Ant.”

“Don’t remind me babe, I was an asshole. You kept your shit together even when you walked in on Gloria naked in my bed, yet I see you coming out of Ants room and went fucking nuts. Not my best hour.”

“You had a semi going there too, if I remember correctly, but I heard you trying to throw her out before I even opened the door. I trust you Kane. I always
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I can think of over a hundred men, and myself, who would be more than willing to perform this public service.

“Are the kids still safe in Ontario?” I ask, veering the conversation to a happier subject.

“I called from a pay phone the other day. The lady they’re with found a house for us outside Winnipeg. We’ll be safe there.” I place my hand on top of hers and squeeze tight. They will be safe because I’m going to make sure of it.

I introduce Violet to her new identity, Julie St. Pieare. She now has everything she needs to create a new life in Canada with her two children. The only thing left is to get her out of the country. That piece of shit car she’s driving isn’t going to make it.

The solution to that problem, in my mind anyway, is simple. I text Kane and he comes to the bar, Vik at his side. “Babe, everything okay?” he asks, putting his arms around me.

“Two things,” I tell him. “First, I need to go to the motor vehicle office and second, what do you think about taking a road trip?”

Vik gets a wicked look on his face knowing somethings up. Kane stands shaking his head, expecting he’s not going to like what he hears.

“Fill me in and we can talk about it.” At least he’s not nixing the idea outright. Always a good

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