Abelard And Heloise Essay

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Women’s role in society has not been a dominant matter across of history due to the fact that woman’s role has just become a major thing in the past few decades. Society, especially in the past, has always seemed to put people in an undocumented order.. Although women were supposed to be under men some women challenged this role and took their life into their own hands. The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise display how one woman can go against the norm and stand her ground. This paper will argue that although the social norms set women under men, Heloise will not be subservient like the rest of the female population when it comes to her life, marriage, and her presence at the nunnery. Abelard and Heloise are that typical love story that always contains a twist. Their twist however, involves a threatening uncle of Heloise named Fulbert on a mission to fix Abelard and Heloise’s wrong. Abelard was a thirty-sever year old Professor of Logic and Canon of Notre Dame who does what every other man in a love story does, falls deeply in love with someone who challenges the usual role of women. After falling in love with Heloise, the two soon find out that he impregnated her, which in this time was a big shame for…show more content…
By Heloise choosing to go to the nunnery is kind of a sign of her understanding her wrong and doing some sort of penance while still doing something productive. Throughout the letters that Abelard sends to the nunnery for her he begins to fall back into love with her. This once again contradicts socials views because he is falling in love with a woman who has dedicated her life to God. After rekindling his love for Heloise, Abelard donates a nunnery to her making her the acting abbess. This shows that Abelard also goes against the normal role of a male in this time. Most men would never do such a great thing for his wife but Abelard challenges the norm just like Heloise
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