Abelardo Morell: A Street Photographer

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Abelardo Morell: a Street Photographer
1. Biography: Early Childhood Life - Before Photography
• September 17, 1948: Born and raised in Havana, Cuba.
• 1962: At age 14, Morell came to United States with his family and settling in New York after fled Cuba.
• He lived in Miami, Florida, where he taught himself English.
• Had hard time adapting to American culture.
2. Biography – Education– Before Photography
• 1967: He graduated from a public high school.
• He won a scholarship to Bowdin College in Brunswick, Maine.
• His family disapproved of his desire to become a photographer because they didn’t want him to stay in poverty.
• He took an odd job as janitor, a doorman, but he always had a darkroom and kept up his passion of photography on the
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Biography: Example of Camera Obscura – Techniques of Photography
• This techniques required 5 – 10 hours of exposure times
• Morell using is covered with black posters, with a small hole in them, with the lens top of a flashlight.
• That proves a scenery from outside at the opposite wall, then captured the image that displays on the wall or outside.
5. Biography: Camera Obscura – Techniques of Photography
• Camera Obscura is a pinhole that focusing on the light to create colorful or black and white moving image, which capture directly on light-sensitive material or photographed.
• When a light travels in a straight line, it passes through a tiny hole and the rays cross and come together as an inverted image on a flat surface opposite the hole.
• The image will appears sharper and will appear upside down and reversed like a mirror.
6. Biography: Photographic Career and Marriage - Photography
• He begins creating more of or these Camera Obscura images in the room from the interior spaces of his own home.
• He stated, “To make something poetic and beautiful and perfect, even though it is just a stupid box. Not an elegant thing, but it produces beautiful things
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