Abelardo Morell: A Street Photographer

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Abelardo Morell: a Street Photographer 1. Biography: Early Childhood Life - Before Photography • September 17, 1948: Born and raised in Havana, Cuba. • 1962: At age 14, Morell came to United States with his family and settling in New York after fled Cuba. • He lived in Miami, Florida, where he taught himself English. • Had hard time adapting to American culture. 2. Biography – Education– Before Photography • 1967: He graduated from a public high school. • He won a scholarship to Bowdin College in Brunswick, Maine. • His family disapproved of his desire to become a photographer because they didn’t want him to stay in poverty. • He took an odd job as janitor, a doorman, but he always had a darkroom and kept up his passion of photography on the…show more content…
• Tent-camera is a periscope with a diopter that flip the image and a 90-degree prism, which directs it downward. • Morell focus on the landscapes, architectures, ground, • His subject matter consists of the Grand Tetons, Italian pizzas, and city skylines in New York City, stones, and rooftops. 12. Importance and Inspiration of Photography • Abelardo Morell used photography to express his hardship and feelings of alienation as a foreigner in the United States. • He fancied the topic of Surrealism in Photography because it suited his feelings about his being a stranger in a new country. • He is best known for his work of Camera Obscura. • His works are exhibited in many shows, galleries and museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago. 13. Abelardo Morell: A Critics Reviews • A filmmaker, Allie Humenuk made a documentary film about Abelardo’s life, work, and experiences as an artist. • Most people admired his works and his

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