Abi And The Rumble Bee Analysis

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Abi and the Bumble Bee (adapted from the poem “Watching a Bumbble Bee” by Wes Magee) CHARACTERS: NARRATOR 1 NARRATOR 2 ALI BUMMBLE BEE MOTHER STAGE DIRECTION: CS- CENTRE STAGE CRS- CENTRE RIGHT STAGE CLS- CENTRE LEFT STAGE USC- UPPERSTAGE CENTRE USR- UPPERSTAGE RIGHT USL- UPPERSTAGE LEFT DSC- DOWNSTAGE CENTRE DSR- DOWNSTAGE RIGHT DSL- DOWNSTAGE LEFT SCRIPT: ACT Scene 1 Setting: Garden (Light is on. The sounds of birds singing gracefully and the bees buzzing can be heard. The lighting is focused to the CS. A backdrop shows a setting of a garden fulls of flowers. Narrators enters from the CRS.) Narrator 1: Do you want to listen to a story? Narrator 2: What is it? Tell me now. (excited expression.) ( Narrator 1 and Narrator 2 move to DSL.)…show more content…
(Shows bright smile and big eyes to the audiences) I think it needs more beautiful voices to sing it together with me? Can you help me? (Moves to DCS and points to the audiences.) Narrator 2: Abi is asking help from you? Do you mind to sing it together with him? Abi: ( Back to CS and dancing happily.) Out in the garden you will see the oh-so-busy bumble bee. I am going to see my busy friends, the Bumble Bee. (with an excited expression) Usually he will be here, busy working among those fresh flowers. (continue walks along the RS to LS) He is so busy working. He will keep on working and working and working. (suddenly stop at UCL) But.... I cannot see him anymore. Where is he?(Shows a sad face.) Can you help me to find him? Narrator 2: Oh no! It seems that Abi cannot find his busy friend, the Bumble Bee. Narrator 1: Abi must be sad. He has lost his busy friend. Do you mind to help Abi to find the Bumble Bee? But you need to hum with Abi so that the bee can hear him. Abi: ( Keep on humming )It never stops to take a rest. It wears an oh-so-hairy vest. It never stops to take a rest. It wears an oh-so-hairy vest. Bumble Bee is yellow in color with black stripes on his body. And he is also hairy
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