Abigail Adams Colonial Women Of Courage Analysis

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“Behind every great man there’s a great women.” This quote by Meryll Frost was first used in 1946 during his acceptance speech for the most courageous athlete of 1945. He gave credit to his wife and noted that he would not have received the award without her help. To this quote could have also been used to describe Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams. She was a courageous woman who stood out to against in justice. Throughout her entire life she stood greatly with courage and was also known for her loyalty for her country and family. During the American Revolution, Abigail became a very courageous woman that inspired many people. In her article, “Abigail Adams: Colonial Women of Courage,” Karen S. Hopkins states that women never had much…show more content…
As many people know, John and Abigail exchanged over 1,000 letter while he was away for many years, however most of the letters consisted of advice for one another, in the completely different situations they were dealing with through time.While John was away, Abigail and him sent many letters back and forth giving each other advice, so each thing they would most likely use for stronger power (Terrana 8). Many of the letters tied back to the advice that they had given each other when they were in desperate help while they were all alone, without each other. Therefore, they showed extreme loyalty because even when they were a long distance apart, they kept in very close contact and they were always supportive of each other. Although Abigail Adams in died in 1818 from illness, she died a legend and will never be forgotten. She is a woman that made world history because of her outstanding courage and loyalty for everything. However, she was always involved with her husband, children, women rights, and always trying to help every situation she could. Even when her ideas did not follow through, she would try again with her outstanding amount of courage she had built up in
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