Abigail Adams Letter To My Son Analysis

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In this letter, Abigail Adams writes to her son John Quincy Adams who is abroad with his father. Later, John Quincy Adams, will be noted as a United States diplomat and president. In this letter, Abigail Adams addresses her son, offering him advice for the future. She asserts the pride she has in her son and all that he has accomplished. She encourages him to grow and expand his horizons of knowledge. Abigail Adams appeals to her son's emotions to build his confidence and makes connections between him and great men to express the value of experience and challenges.

Abigail Adams emphasizes how much faith she has in her son by appealing to his emotions as he undergoes different challenges. Throughout this letter we repeatedly here her reference "my son" . In this phrase, she takes ownership of her son and sets a maternal tone for the letter. By showing ownership, she hints at the sense
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Abigail states "Would Cicero have shone so distinguished an orator if her had not been roused, kindled, and enflamed in tyranny of catline, vernes and Mark Antony?". In this allusion she makes a reference to her son, indicating that if he is never aroused and pushed, then he will never know his full potential. This is also a rhetorical question asking John if he is willing to rise to the challenge of new experiences. Abigail Adams also alludes to the examples of her husband, who shares a large interest in politics. She references him saying " Nor it ought to be one at the least of your excitement toward exerting every power and faculty of your mind, that you have a parent who takes to large and active share in contest.". She suggest that John is very fortunate to have a father who is involved in politics to reference to. Abigail Adams encourages her son to take advantage of the resources as he faces challenges and new
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