Abigail Adams Letter To My Son Rhetorical Analysis

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Abigail Adams encourages her son to independently succeed by using rhetorical strategies in the letter she wrote to him. In her writing, she inspires him to thrive on his journey to France as well as be cautious of the many perils that lie ahead. Adams’s motherly nature helps to establish a firm yet loving tone; she only wants the best for her son. She is aware of his mental capabilities and wishes to expand them. Adams prompts her son to improve his leader-like qualities by exploring and becoming familiar with the unknown. In doing so, she compares him to be like the prominent leaders of the past, for a great demeanor is formed by gaining the courage to overcome obstacles. Adams’s supports her advice with various rhetorical strategies including her ambitions and credibility as a mother, as well as her appeal to logos. Throughout her letter, Adams assures her son of his promising attributes. She appeals to pathos by deliberately emphasizing her motherly nature. Despite her writing’s formality, Adams’s continual use of the words “my son” soften her tone…show more content…
Her powerful eloquence consisting of a loving tone and strong illusions strengthen her son’s trust in her. All mothers, including Adams, yearn for the happiness and well being of their children. The respect Adams holds for her son is so great that she allows him to embark on a voyage with his father. John’s success derives from his mother’s respect for him; she is fully aware of his intellectual capabilities. She trusts him to overcome any obstacle, regardless of its difficulty. Adams continues to advise her son, despite his advanced mental abilities and distinguished practicality. It is her duty as a mother to remind her son of his potential as well as help him grow into the man she expects him to be. The rhetorical strategies Adams uses to advise John establishes her credibility as a mother in addition to helping her son improve as an
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