Abigail Adams: The Battle Of Bunker Hill

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Abigail Adams woke up to the sound of bombings on the day The Battle of Bunker Hill started. The Battle of Bunker Hill was an important part of the Revolutionary War. Abigail was a big help in this battle. She witnessed part of the battle that deeply affected her. She also helped care for the hurt, injured, and sick people after the battle had ended. For about seven years British soldiers were living around Boston. The Americans called them “Redcoats“ and “Lobsterbacks” because they wore red coats. Some of the Americans did not like the “Redcoats”. The British and Americans were not getting along well. The colonists knew another Battle was coming. The Battle of Bunker Hill started on June 17, 1775 in Boston. This was only…show more content…
Some people wanted nothing to do with the war and wanted peace. Other people, known as Patriots, were tired of the British being under control of the city and wanted to fight for their rights. The other group of people called Loyalists liked being under control of the British. Loyalists thought the British had a strong army. Abigail Adams, who lived only a few miles from where the Battle had took place, had been woken up to the sound of bombs the day of Battle of Bunker Hill. Bombs from miles away shook the whole house. Abigail wanted to protect the safety of her family. She found safety at a nearby small farm. At daybreak, Abigail and her seven year old son, John Quincy Adams, climbed a nearby hill behind there house to see what was happening. What they saw was horrifying. Beyond the British and their warships in Boston Harbor, black smoke rose above the city. John Quincy and Abigail were deeply affected by this. The British had won the hill and the battle, but they did have many soldiers and officers die, unlike the Americans. This gave the Americans courage knowing that they could stand up to the British. Many more colonists joined the army after the battle and the revolution continued to
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