Abigail Carson Narrative

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It Wasn’t Love She might have been better off alone. She knew she was better off alone. She didn 't need a man to control her life anymore. But how could she let all the memories slip away? Six years of being together was all a waste of time. How could she be so oblivious to all the signs he was showing? If she had a clue, she would have ended the relationship and not been the one sitting at home crying. Her name was Abigail, but everyone at West High called her Ab, for short. Abigail Carson, was the typical 18 year old senior. She was perfect in every way. Rumor had it, that every single boy at one point in their life, fantasized about her. Ab lived in the small rural town, of Creekwood, Michigan. This was her hometown and she didn’t imagine of ever leaving it - excluding college of course! Having played…show more content…
That’s when the tears came rolling in. There in the shower, stood Zack and Molly Williams. She couldn’t believe what she had walked into. All of this time, he was cheating on her. Abigail turned around and started for the window. Zack’s only instincts were to jump out of the shower and run after her. “Let go of me Zack!” “ Abigail, it 's not what it looks like.” “Then tell me Zack, what is Molly doing in the shower with you?” “I 'm sorry Abs.” “Don’t you dare call me that anymore. You Zack, made me miss my last senior concert. You cheated on me. I thought we had plans together? I loved you, and all you give me in return is this?! I’m leaving and don’t you ever come near me again.” “I’m really sorry.” “We’re done here. Bye Zack.” It was from that day on, Abigail Cason, realized that she didn’t need a Zack Matthews in her life anymore. She was better off without him. Although, she won’t ever forget the memories they shared, she knew it was the best to move on. With two months left in high school, Abby focused on school and planned to have bigger things ahead of her. And from that, say, Abigail Carson was now single and happy with life

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