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Yesterday morning I woke up in a great mood! I went into town today with Abigail and it was so fun! After I had finished my breakfast of milk and a fresh loaf of bread, I knew we’d be out for most of the day, so I got most of my chores done in the morning.
First, I washed the breakfast dishes. After I had finished that I tidied up the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The floors needed to be swept and the furniture needed dusting. When all of my chores were done, I got my satchel and waited for Abigail to arrive. When she arrived at my house, Papa had just finished getting ready and we started our journey across town to Blood, Sweat, and Shears. My good friend Asa Copperfield owns the shop since his father recently passed. In
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“Abigail! It’s been so long!” I said sarcastically.
“Haha! That’s funny! I need to talk to you,” Abigail’s face suddenly got serious.
“Okay. Let’s walk and talk,” I said, pulling on my coat, “What’s on your mind?”
“My father told me that he is falling in love with Asa Copperfield’s mom. And second, I saw a tribe in the woods behind a house near yours,” She said it all so fast that I was having a hard time understanding.
“Wow. That’s a lot of information. Um, well first off, we need to go tell your dad about the tribe. Do you remember what they looked like?”
“Yes, I talked to them to figure out what tribe they were from,” Abigail said casually as if talking to a Native American tribe wasn’t a bad thing.
“YOU TALKED TO A TRIBE? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I practically screamed at her. Why would she talk to a tribe?!?! Was she trying to get herself killed?
“Hey! I only talked to them to try and be polite. It might have stopped them for killing people from Boston!” She acted so innocent, but I wasn’t buying her
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“Y-.....yes. Is there something you need?” Abigail stuttered.
“Yes,” he answered, “I’m looking for Jonas Gray.”
My body froze. Why would the leader of the Wampanoags need from Abigail’s dad? I decided to keep my mouth shut and let her do all the talking.
“He should be somewhere in town here. He works in a big, gray building. You’re going to want to take a right on the next road you see and then take a left and another left. You should see Blood Sweat & Shears on the right. Take a right when you get there and his building is on the right.”
What was she doing?!?!? Is she out of her mind?!?! Why on Earth would she tell the Wampanoags where her father was? Did she want to die?
The man looked at Abigail with surprise and simply said, “Thank you!”
With that, he turned on his heel and started walking in the direction of her Jonas’s building.
Since Abigail and I knew an alternative way to get to her father’s office, we’d get there before the Wampanoags would. We ran all the way to the building and unlocked the door with Abigail’s key. When we got to Jonas’s office we were both exhausted and out of

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