Abigail In The Crucible Essay

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The background and the environment where a person lives in form his personality, behavior, actions and reactions. In the play Crucible Abigail was a victim of the society and the environment. Abigail was always under pressure by the rules the society enforces on her she got under pressure to the extent that she went completely to the opposite direction. Is she a true evil person? Was she born evil, or the society has changed her to an evil person. The actress preforming Abigail proved that Abigail was a true victim of the society and environment she proved it with emotion feelings and actual events that happened in the play. Abigail decided to show love towards a person who is married and committed towards his family. This is not accepted…show more content…
Abigail is a mirror reflection to this point she is extremely talented to convince her innocence in a false situation. In the play crucible this was proved by many actions. Abigail started witchcraft; she was the one leading girls and convincing them to come with her. Yet she acted innocent in front of Danforth and reverend hale they believed her innocence and actually looked up on her. While witch crafting she held a dead chicken and called on Elizabeth to die hoping her wish would come true proctor knew about the situation, again it didn’t change his feelings towards her. The actress acting Abigail proved how Abigail again proved her self innocent “ this act shouldn’t make you look down on me because this proves how much I love you and that’s the difference between me and Elizabeth that she didn’t show any feelings when me and you had an affair she didn’t do anything. I can’t stand seeing you with her but she doesn’t have any problems” this is how Abigail sneaky plan goes she turns and twist words around until it seems like she is innocent she has the capacity to say real life event that had happened that when you look at a certain perspective as a reader you feel she is innocent the actress presenting it really gave us the true message of Abigail’s character because she used words and she twisted them around too prove her innocence which is one of the main characteristics Abigail
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