Abigail In The Crucible

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All the plays come from real life, but it’s beyond the life. But if we go far inside the play, there’re also a lot of dramatic fantasy and issues. If we want to deeply understand what is behind the play, we should analyze characters in the play. There was a drama play called The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller. The story happened in 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts. A girl called Abigail, who is innocent and beautiful, made a deadly and severe mistake. Instead of getting rid of the crime she did that just use for a woman that is the wife of the man her loves, Abigail used no matter ways to hurt the woman, who includes: witchcraft. Abigail is the character; there exist a lot of things that worth to analyze. She is a girl fully reflect a person who stands for selfish, hateful and also pitiful.…show more content…
Hateful means someone did something so bad that hurt someone else seriously. The story starts in a happy beginning, but ends in a sad ending. Abigail is the main character to cause the result. So there must be some personality she has to support her to complete her plot. Personality of hateful is one of them. Abigail said “She hates me, uncle, she must, for I would not be her slave. It’s a lying, cold, sniveling woman, and I will not work for such a woman!”(Said by Abigail, From The Crucible, act1, page12) Because, the standard to judge one person whether good or bad, is whether he gives a hand to others or hit a person when he is down. Abigail did a lot of things that gave enormous hurt to them such as breaking a family in the village and let one becomes a scapegoat. She is a cowardly girl that afraid to shoulder the responsibility. We can clearly see the evidence in the play, when Parris asking who is doing witchcraft, no one answers, Abigail even frame the kind helper─the black slave Tituba. If someone always makes others feel uncomfortable, he is definitely
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