Abigail Peterson Monologue

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Anita & Me. Sunday 8th September 2009 Have you ever questioned your sexuality? Have you every felt different to the rest? My name is Abigail Sophia Peterson I like to be called Abz for short, I think it sounds cooler then Abigail, Abigail sounds like a stuck up bird from Solihull, when really I’m just your average Abz from Oldbury lol. I’ve never wrote a diary before, I thought it was pointless, why write something that no one is going to read? I go back to school in 2 days which is pretty depressing after having such an exhilarating summer. I’ll be going into my final year, which is pretty daunting. Not only am I going through puberty, training to be in the 2016 Olympics, boys and sometimes even girls. ??? I will be the new person at school…show more content…
Pretty weird that 40 minutes before my first day of year 11 I’m basically talking to myself on my laptop. You’d think I’d be more prepared, to be honest I’m feeling really anxious about today. I’ve never been the new girl, I’ve never had to make friends, and people just came to me. Some would say I was the leader of the pack. What if people don’t notice Abz? What if they just notice boring Abigail? Friday 14th September 2009 What a week it’s been, finally glad the weekends here I can finally chill out and not be the new girl. If I was back home my notifications would be on overload but seems like none of my old friends have stayed in touch, Mom keeps saying “Give it time.” She doesn’t understand if they we’re going to stay in touch they would it only takes 2 seconds to send a text. Wednesday 18th September 2009 2 days left and it’s the weekend again, seems to be flying by thing are looking up though I’ve been invited to a party on Saturday quite a few people are going only a few I actually know. Mom thinks it’ll be good for me to go and actually socialise, unsure what she means by that but I’m up to my neck in homework I should probably get started with that if I really want to go, my history teacher is a total cow and will kill me if I don’t get it done, think I’ll start it now
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