Abigail The Accuser In The Crucible

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Abigail the Accuser (A Discussion on what Abby could have done to lessen the conflict) The play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, took place in Salem, Massachusetts, in the late 1600s. This play starts out with many girls from Salem trying to conjure up spirits to get boys to like them. Mr. Parris, a pastor at the Salem church, caught the girls in the act of trying to conjure up spirits, and interrupted it which scared everyone. When he did this, some of the girls were passed out and wouldn't wake up. This lead to a lot of people to believe witchcraft was involved. Mr. Parris asked Mr. Hale to come to Salem and investigate the situation. Mr. Hale interrogated many of the girls, one of which was named Abigail. Abigail was one of the main instigators with conjuring up spirits. When she was being interrogated, she would snitch on other girls and make up lies in order to not get in trouble. This caused a lot of people to go to jail on false accusations and some even were sentenced to be hung. On top of this, she had an affair with John Proctor, who already had a wife. Much of the conflict in Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, could be prevented if Abigail would confess to her wrongdoings, stop lying, and fix the…show more content…
Abigail is in love with John Proctor. In the past, John had secretly gone to Salem and slept with Abigail even though he had a wife. Abigail hated John’s wife, Elizabeth. So when she was at the conjuring, she wished Elizabeth dead so she could be with John. John began to feel guilty for what he had done, though, and told Abigail that he will no longer be seeing her. This angered Abigail and made more conflict in the play. So in a vengeful way she turned Elizabeth in for trying to kill her through witchcraft. If Abigail would stop all of this nonsense and accept that John Proctor has a loving wife, this conflict would
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