Abigail Williams And Lady Macbeth Comparison

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Expectations are collected by most people as commonplace thing to do. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they act nevertheless you can always trust your assumption. Throughout American Literature, we have seen how the expectations of someone can differ from reality. We have seen these differences specifically with Lady Macbeth and Abigail. Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Abigail Williams in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible exemplify the differences between the expectation and the reality of the individuals. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth Lady Macbeth is a married woman. Lady Macbeth is expected to be a mother, a hostess and traditional female from the early 1600’s. She is responsible for preparing for Duncan's arrival, and she is…show more content…
Abigail is vengeful, selfish, manipulative, and a magnificent liar. She seems to be uniquely gifted at spreading death and destruction wherever she goes. She has an eerie sense of how to manipulate others and gain control over them. All these add up to a powerful person. In Act I, her skills at manipulation are on full display. When she's on the brink of getting busted for dabbling in witchcraft, she skillfully manages to pin the whole thing on Tituba and several of Salem's other second-class citizens. In the begging, Lady Macbeth represents the opposite of women. She is the dominant partner in their relationship between her and Macbeth. As we progress through the story line, we observe Lady Macbeths downfall. At the end of the play, Lady Macbeth kills herself from guilt Abigail has a strong attraction to John Procter since their affair. She also possesses shrewd insight and a capacity for strategy that reveal maturity beyond that of most other characters. Declaring witchcraft provides her with instant status and recognition within Salem, which translates into power. Abigail uses her authority to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. She threatens the other girls with violence if they refuse to go along with her plans, and she does not hesitate to accuse them of witchcraft if their loyalty proves untrue. Such is the case with Mary
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