Abigail Williams Character In The Crucible

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller tells the tale of jealousy, lust and hysteria. It highlights the Salem witch trials of 1692, and the tale of John Procter, a feared man, Abigail, his former lover, and the people of Salem and their affairs through the witch trials. The play was written as an allegory to the red fever in the 1950s and the surplus of prejudice through the McCarthyistic mind set at the time. Characters in the crucible are rarely flat or boring. They mostly have ulterior motives and operate behind a visage of godliness and holiness. Abigail Williams the main antagonist of the crucible, and the mastermind behind the witch trials, is a lustful, wicked, defensive girl who is not too low for any disgraceful act. Abigail is a defensive person. Even though some of the things said about her are true, she does everything in her power to attempt to disprove it and escape trouble and prosecution. She was born an orphan according to Miller, as she lost her parents in an attack. “I saw Indians smash my dear parents’ heads on the pillow next to mine.” Therefore, her uncle Parris took her in, dressed her and put clothes on her back. Though, after he questions her integrity for seeing her dancing in the woods and hearing the rumors surrounding the circumstances at which she was evicted from the Proctor house hold, she was not amused. She answered him as soon as he began to question her by saying, “I didn’t see no devil!” later blaming Tituba for the whole ordeal. Even in court
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