Abigail Williams 'Despicable Characters In The Crucible'

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Mr. Bertelsen
English 3
Matthew Rossmiller
8 October 17
It’s not all about you. In the book The Crucible we see some very despicable characters throughout the book. One of these characters is Abigail Williams. She is the most despicable character because she commits adultery, lies in court, and kills her friends Abigail Williams is a young 17 year old girl who used to work at the Elizabeth and John Proctor’s home. She was then fired after Elizabeth found out that John was having an affair Abigail while she was sick. Abigail, Tituba and a few other girls then went into the woods and tried to make a love spell to make the men in the village fall in love with them. Abigail however drinks blood hoping that it will make a spell that will kill
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