Abigail Williams Downfall

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“What else do we burn besides witches? More Witches!” - Monty Python. Although this is not exactly what happened in the salem witch trials. There was still a negative aura in the town, some of these negative people were Abigail Williams, Deputy Governer Danforth, and Reverend Parris. Abigail being by far the one of the most negative. She is one of the main people that started the witch trials. Then Danforth is also high on the list of negative, although he could of stopped the hangings he did not because he did not want to embarrass himself. Parris is just in for a good reputation in the town and some money. Abigail, Betty, and Tituba were in the woods dancing, then Rev. Parris caught them. This is how the trials started and people 's grudges that they held on others came out. Although at first Abigail seems innocent she is really not, throughout the play she is…show more content…
For example Hale just coming into the story said if he does not find any witches that they will have to agree with his decision. That shows that he is fair and he will not have any past grudges interrupt his work. In the opposite direction though the negative outweighed the positive with many other negative characters. Putnam was also another negative character he wanted Giles corey dead just because of a land dispute. Abigail the most flat out negative, Danforth was a lawful negative, and Parris was a social negative meaning he did not get along with others and liked to do his own thing. The negative characters really shaped the story, if there were no negatives and this was the perfect utopia they wanted to create then this would have never happened. The most enjoyful part of the play is that Arthur Miller wrote this because he could relate this to a real life situation with the red scare, kind of how society can relate to this today with some people accusing most of the Islam religion of being
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